Fitting megaTANAK Kooler Cover to thermoTANKA 2L Bottle
Aaron Broderick Nov-18th, 2019 14:02 0 0

ECOtanka makes 2 types of 2L stainless steel bottles, one is a single wall and the other is a thermo double walled bottle.  Currently there is no kooler cover made for the 2L thermoTANKA bottle, however, there is a sling strap design in progress for this bottle.

Officially the megaTANKA Kooler cover that is made to fit the 2L megaTANKA can fit the 2L thermoTANKA with some force and stretching.  Fitting a kooler cover to the 2L thermoTANKA is only for use as a handle and will not affect the inside temperature mush if any due to its double-wall vacuum. +

If you have or want to fit the megaTANKA kooler cover to the 2L thermoTANKA here is a short video to show you how to fit it.  Watch Video


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