Can ECOtanka bottles hold gassed water (carbon dioxide)
Aaron Broderick Jul-4th, 2019 11:42 0 0

ECOtanka has tested our stainless steel bottles with weld joins to a pressure of 44psi with the plastic screwTOP lid.

Published information on the internet states that when adding carbon dioxide gas to water it can reach pressures between 40-54 psi at room temperature and could be much more if in direct sunlight.

In answer to this question:  Our standard stainless steel drink bottles with weld joins have been made as a water bottle only, however, we have tried adding all types of carbon dioxide gas drinks to this bottle range and to date have had no problems.  If you want to add carbon dioxide gas drink to your bottle this is up to you.

ECOtanka has designed and made a single wall drink bottle with no weld joins where the whole bottle is pressed from a sheet of stainless steel, this is the first single-wall drink bottle we have seen on the market that is 100% made with no weld joins that will hold carbon dioxide gas drinks with the right lid.


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