My Water has a metallic taste
Aaron Broderick Aug-30th, 2018 14:40 1 0

A common misunderstanding that people have about drinking from a stainless steel drink bottle, which has a metallic taste is that they think it is the bottle leaching metal into the water and that there is a problem with the bottle.  However, this has everything to do with the type of water or liquid you have put into your bottle. The two most common types of water that can give a metallic taste when added to a stainless steel bottle are distilled water and reverse osmosis water.

What Causes the Taste?

There may be a number of reasons why your water has a metallic taste. The taste can be from old pipes through which the water is supplied to your home. Another reason for a metallic taste is low pH (potential Hydrogen) levels of water. These levels measure the acidity or alkaline qualities of a substance. Low pH levels are sometimes referred to as “soft water” and can give the water a sour or acid-like taste which resembles metal. pH levels vary and can be affected by many different factors. 

How to fix it

Once you have added some water that makes your drink bottle taste metallic, it seems to stay that way regardless of what you add to it.  However, there is one way that works.
Add 1 tsp of baking soda and warm water to your bottle, leave it sit for 5 minutes, shake it around, then tip it out and rinse your bottle thoroughly with clean water, then you should be all go.  


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